About Enterprise Container Platform

Enterprise Container Platform (ECP) provides high-performance and scalable container application management services that help project administrators create and manage application development projects and configure clusters and containers, and also help application developers quickly build and deploy applications. The container service provided by EnOS ECP simplifies the configuration of clusters and containers, thus building the best container runtime environment on the cloud.

Application Lifecycle Management

EnOS ECP provides complete application lifecycle management capabilities, including:

  • Creating an application development project
  • Managing project members
  • Creating and managing applications
  • Managing application deployment configuration and pipelines

Container Service

EnOS ECP provides complete container services, simplifies the configuration of clusters and containers, and builds the best container running environment for applications, including:

  • Deployment management (configuration of Deployments and Stateful Sets)
  • Configuration management (configuration of Config Maps and Secrets)
  • Route management (configuration of Services and Routes)
  • Storage capacity request (configuration of Storage)

DevOps Continuous Delivery

EnOS ECP supports the complete DevOps process from automatic code submission to application deployment, including:

  • Configuring tasks by stages
  • Executing the configured tasks by stages
  • Viewing task execution results

Application Publish

EnOS ECP supports multiple application publish modes to meet different business scenarios, including:

  • Rolling Update
  • Blue/Green Deployment
  • Helm Chart Deployment

Cluster Management

EnOS ECP provides centralized cluster management services, including:

  • Resource quota management (CPU, memory, Pod)
  • Network policies
  • Storage resource management

Database Service

EnOS ECP provides database services for application development. The supported database services include:

  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Mongo

Rich Toolset

EnOS ECP provides a rich set of tools for application development and deployment, including:

  • Redmine
  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab
  • SonarQube
  • Nexus
  • NPM
  • Harbor

Targeted Users

EnOS ECP primarily serves the following roles:

Application Development Project Administrator

For improving the efficiency of managing multiple applications and services, the concept of project is introduced in EnOS ECP. Multiple applications can be created and managed in a single project. Depending on the needs of the application development, project administrators can create and manage the basic information about application development projects, create applications, add and manage project members, and manage the roles and permissions of members.

Application Developer

Application developers include the roles responsible for application development, testing, and operation. A developer participates in the corresponding application development tasks based on his role, including maintaining code repositories, creating and running pipelines, building and deploying applications, etc.